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Who is responsible for Bitcoin Revolution?

When investing in Bitcoins and other currencies, experience is the most important factor. Now beginners do not have this yet. In recent years, this inevitably led to them often not making any profits.

Since the development of trading robots, the picture has changed significantly. Now even beginners can make profits because they have access to the trading strategies of successful investors right from the start. However, beginners often do not even know that such helpers exist. Therefore, too many investors still try their luck without trading robots and miss out on high profits.

In this review, the interested investor gets to know the Bitcoin Revolution trading software. He learns about the advantages of the software and how he can use it to make profits quickly and easily.


What exactly is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a software with which beginners and advanced traders can make profits on the cryptocurrency market. A well-developed algorithm is used for this purpose. A special feature of Bitcoin Revolution is that the investor can not only trade bitcoins with the software, but also currencies in forex trading and binary options.

The software works fully automatically and very quickly. Soon the investor can make the first profits.

Bitcoin Revolution analyses the market and determines favourable trading options. It does not matter whether the prices are currently moving down or up. Many beginners don’t know that you can also make profits when the market is falling. The only important thing is when to buy and sell. Bitcoin Revolution recognises this trend, which explains the software’s high success rate.

Trading can be done not only with Bitcoin, but also with other cryptocurrencies. In the settings, the user can decide with which currency he would like to trade. It is also possible to use certain strategies in the settings, including stop losses.

Features and functions of Bitcoin Revolution

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Who is responsible for Bitcoin Revolution?

The software was developed by a team led by Edwin James. The latter has experience not only with cryptocurrency, but also with binary options. On the Bitcoin Revolution website, the interested party will find some information about why the programmer developed Bitcoin Revolution. He simply wanted to show other investors how an experienced investor trades with cryptocurrency.
If you deposit money as a beginner who has never traded with Bitcoin before, you will make profits immediately.

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User opinion about Bitcoin Revolution

For me, it has been clear since I was a child: if you work hard, you will succeed in the end. That’s why I was sceptical when I first heard about Bitcoin Revolution. Nevertheless, I wanted to try it out. I was surprised by the way it worked. Nevertheless, Bitcoin Revolution has not changed my mind. There is hard work behind the software, because the software works well. Now I have been using the software for some time and have been able to increase my income a lot with it. I can even provide for the future now, which was almost impossible before.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Revolution

The advantages:
– With Bitcoin Revolution, completely automated trading is possible. Simply select the appropriate setting. Thus, no experience is necessary.
– Trading is easy to monitor and the user always knows what the software is doing. Of course, this also applies to earnings and payouts.
– Trading is not only possible on the PC, but of course also on Android and iOS smartphones.
– The market movements can be tracked in real time. The profits can thus be easily tracked.
– Various payment methods are possible. Choose between bank account, credit card or various online payment providers.

– No specific broker can be selected. Bitcoin Revolution assigns a specific broker to the customer. However, the brokers are always regulated and reputable.


The trading robot is easy to use and makes making money a breeze. Many people have been successful with it so far, which shows that it is a good tool.
Bitcoin Revolution compared to other tools

The market of trading robots is confusing and there are many tools among them. When we tested Bitcoin Revolution, we found that it is a good software that does not have to fear any competition.