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Startup Xcapit raises USD 450,000 in the first round of investment

Mounted on the growing wave of crypto-currencies, the Xcapit startup completed this week its first round of investment in Cordoba, Argentina in which it raised $450,000 to boost its development with a regional growth plan.

The venture, created by José Trajtenberg (lawyer) and Fernando Boiero (systems engineer), aims to facilitate the entry into the Bitcoin Method „crypto“ market, for which it offers, through its platform, management support with automated processes for investments.

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The Cordoba-based startup Xcapit received USD 450,000 in its first round of investment from a Canadian fund. The startup founded an investment management platform and is currently working on perfecting an Artificial Intelligence bot that will optimize investments in crypto-currencies.

As it is known, the crypt-currency market has a very high volatility, with thousands of assets trading non-stop all over the world. All these variables were addressed through algorithms based on artificial intelligence and with machine learning that „reads“ the market, learns and manages the movements to optimize investments.

This work is carried out by „Brainy“, the name given to the bot that executes the operations autonomously and which in turn operates with different arms adapted to the risk profile assumed by each investor. They also have a digital asset index, which they call „Mary“.

The company has 15 collaborators, the great majority of whom are doctors and graduates of the Faculty of Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics and Computing (FAMAF) of the National University of Cordoba (UNC).

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Xcapit was born in 2018
Xcapit is combining artificial intelligence (AI) with the cryptotrade market. This venture has created fully automated bots for investing in the crypto market, with trading strategies integrated into its intelligent algorithm, awake 24/7 and trading directly on the client’s account. Their product allows asset managers, whether cryptographic or traditional, to include a new asset type to diversify their current portfolios.

They do not need to spend time and money building a team of expert traders to deal with the complexity of the extremely volatile cryptographic market. And, because the smart bot operates in their accounts, they are not exposed to the risk of fraud.

Xcapit was founded in 2018. Its goal was to facilitate entry into the world of cryptomonies. In 2020 the startup grew by leaps and bounds: according to the company’s data, they are growing at a monthly rate of 40% and have a portfolio of around USD 750,000.

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They operate with Binance
The platform operates as a trading API linked to Binance, one of the world’s largest buy and sell and crypto-currency trading companies, with more than 15 million users and a daily transaction volume of more than $3,000,000,000.

It is important to point out that the financial investment conditions in Argentina, in a context of exchange traps and high issuance, opened wide the doors to escalate the interest in cryptomonies.

The startup attributes its recent growth to financial circumstances in Argentina, including rising inflation rates and budding interest in other currencies, including crypto-currencies.