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New coinlisting in BLOX: cryptocurrency Waves added

A new currency has been added to the crypto-app BLOX. The Dutch app adds Waves to the offer.

Waves has a good year

In 2020, Waves‘ share price will have risen by 640%. If you bought the currency at the beginning of this year, you paid 0.87 euros for it. Meanwhile the exchange rate has risen to 6.20 euro. A currency with enormous potential. In a later article today, we will go further into the exchange rate developments of Waves.

Invest in Waves with BLOX

BLOX is the all-in-one cryptocurrency app for your smartphone. Trade lightning fast in the most popular crypto coins, including big names such as Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum, but also in smaller coins such as Waves, VeChain and Chainlink. Whether you buy for one euro or lose a thousand euros, you decide what you want to deposit. Want to know more?

What does Waves do?

The cryptocurrency Waves is used on the blockchain project Waves of the same name. Confusing? Perhaps. But you can compare how you pay with ether on the Ethereum blockchain.

Even more similarities with Ethereum: Waves is a multifunctional blockchain platform for 1k daily profit scam with various use cases, including decentralised applications (DApps) and smart contracts.

Launched in the summer of 2016, Waves is one of the first ever ICO to do so. The idea was simple, but as so often with simple ideas, implementation is difficult. The blockchain needed to be faster, more useful and more user-friendly. The platform has undergone several changes over the years to meet this need. New spin-off functions have also been added to build on the original design.

The target group of Waves is special, they mainly focus on business partners who want to use blockchain to improve processes or create new services.

In 2020 Waves announced that the platform can collaborate with Ethereum by converting the token Waves to the ERC-20 standard.