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5 original gifts for a successful crypto-Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, the “what’s the bitcoigne” season will soon be open. For this occasion, we have selected 5 crypto gifts that could appeal to your loved ones, whether they are novices or initiated.

Bitcoin Metamorphoses

We open the ball with the timeless “Bitcoin Metamorphoses ” . Released in 2018, this book is still relevant today. It traces the evolution of Immediate Bitcoin review as well as the value propositions that the protocol brings.

An ideal gift for your drunk uncle, the one who does not stop, year after year, to sprawl out on the subject of „bitcoigne“ without knowing anything about it. At least next year, he will know a minimum of what it is about.

We all have this friend who never stops talking about crypto. If you can’t see which one, it might be because it’s you.

Nothing better, for Christmas, than to offer him textiles in the colors of his favorite crypto (obviously, Bitcoin) with Unicorn Wear . Tee-shirt or cap, the choice is yours!

The NFT (Non-fungible Tokens) have done much about them this year. While it doesn’t say you can buy works for $ 101,000 , digital works are still a great gift for crypto enthusiasts.

You may find the work of your dreams on the SuperRare , Rarible or MakersPlace platforms

You gave your grandma some precious BTC last year, but not sure she remembers her private key.

Christmas might be the perfect time to buy her a Ledger Nano X and make sure she never loses her cryptos!

Obviously, if she doesn’t have a smartphone, the Ledger Nano S will do just as well.