Paola di Salvatore

Paola Di Salvatore

The Managing Authority
of the Adriatic IPA CBC

The Adriatic IPA CBC Programme, the most important European Territorial Cooperation Programme in the Adriatic region, involves eight states. It not only involves complex implementation and management of a European Commission cross-border programme, but also a dynamic flow of projects, changing realities, engaging dissimilar territories united by a single goal: to achieve European integration with economic and legislative changes closely tied to achieving a more profound objective – the union of peoples. An intimate, deeply-rooted and long-lasting union to be put in place step by step.

The founding values of peace and sharing that inspired the European Community’s foundation on 25 March 1957, as the First Pillar of what was to become the European Union, should still “promote its overall harmonious development”, as Art. 174 of Title XVIII of the TFEU states, so that the European Union’s economic, social and territorial cohesion can be effectively developed and strengthened in a continuous institutional dialogue involving even pre-accession states in an equalized regulatory relationship.

It has been a great institutional honour in the years since 13 March 2013 – the official date of my installation – to perform the complex role of Managing Authority of the most important territorial cooperation programme for pre-accession of the Balkan area. This was a profound and intense adventure of challenges in legal and administrative processes, and in project implementation in territories that share the desire to be players in a new chapter in European history.

The Adriatic IPA CBC Programme was not an arid administrative activity among eligible territorial partners, implementing projects in the four priority axes, but a widespread action of prolific work, intensified even further towards mindful challenges and renewed convergence in European Cohesion Policy, like the “New Target Call EUSAIR”, which approved the first projects implementing the Adriatic-Ionian Strategic Action Plan.

Indeed, the thematic and strategic correlation of the objectives of the Adriatic IPA CBC Programme with lively participation in every debate on the new challenges of the entire Mediterranean area, contributing to the motivation for change, and the necessary convergence of European Territorial Cooperation actions addressing the crisis migration, turned the attention of the JMC during two voting sessions to the need to impose residual Adriatic IPA CBC Programme sums on concrete actions for immigrants and refugees, as requested by Corina Creţu, the European Commissioner for Regional Policy.

To be an active and responsible player with full responsibility for the management and implementation of the entire Adriatic IPA CBC Programme, in accordance with the principle of sound financial management, and without neglecting the economic and impact importance of the Adriatic IPA CBC Programme in territories with different levels of development, in a further reflection of unavoidable cross-administrative legal strengthening in eight states, required a rigorous implementation of the overarching principle of the European Cohesion Policy: protection of EU finances.

A starting point that albeit in complex regulatory diversity, merged with preventive actions and measures regarding irregularities and fraud in the use of European funds, in close institutional collaboration with the anti-fraud unit of the Italian Finance Police, giving rise to the first seminar in the Balkan area, as well as a technical-normative consolidation of control functions.

From a diffident reflection emerging after years of intense work aimed at consolidating the principle of reliability between the Adriatic IPA CBC Programme and the European Commission, believing strongly in the need for inclusive dialogue and knowledge of territories, I was determined to involve counterpart players of the complex pre-accession process for joining the EU in an active action, raising awareness in territories with regard to the need for ever-increasing knowledge of the administrative and financial procedures of CTE Programme projects, signing the first Memorandum of Understanding in the Balkans for free training courses, involving local and national authorities, and universities.

I hope that years of intense work in a convergent debate for the concrete achievement of European Cohesion Policy objectives, and even more so for future planning, will leave an awareness of common responsibility to reinforce a shared and even deeper feeling of European citizenship, in a European Union inclusive in the concrete establishment of the “European Pillar of Social Rights” beyond any geographical frontier, which must not be the limit of intangible sentiment.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who shared the wonderful Adriatic IPA CBC Programme adventure in recent years, truly believing in the need for shared institutional action, also in the sense of a passion for change and courageous action that sees the Region of Abruzzo playing a strategic role in the implementation of the Adriatic-Ionian Strategy, thanks to the tenacious political action of the regional president, Luciano D’Alfonso, to whom I dedicate the most sincere and heartfelt thanks for his trust and for the formal recognition of the complex tasks undertaken in recent years.

Paola Di Salvatore


IPA ADRIATIC CBC Programme 2007 – 2013

Paola Di Salvatore
The Managing Authority of the Adriatic IPA CBC Programme

Luciano D’Alfonso
President of Abruzzo Regional Council

National IPA Coordinators

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