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Luciano D’Alfonso

of Abruzzo Regional Council

Strengthening relations between the two shores of the Adriatic, economic, social and institutional growth of the whole area, harmonization of development processes and cooperation between member countries (Greece, Italy, Slovenia and, from 2013, Croatia) and actual and potential and candidate countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia) are key objectives of the consolidation and enlargement process the European Union has pursued since its inception and, more decisively, since 2007 through the pre-accession assistance tool (IPA I 2007–2013).

In March 2008, when the European Commission approved the first cross-border cooperation programme for the entire Adriatic area, with a final value of around 300 million euros, of which 245 were allocated directly to the programme, Abruzzo Regional Council was designated as Managing Authority and this was a great opportunity for our Region, to play a strategic role in the European Union’s enlargement and cohesion policies, as well as the chance to exploit its central geographical position at the centre of the Adriatic, to propose itself as a natural referent for the entire area, insisting with consistency and determination on the creation of an even wider project, that of the Adriatic-Ionian macro region.

After initial difficulties in managing the programme, which led the European Commission to freeze disbursement of funds in 2012, from the following year Abruzzo showed it was up to the delicate management role entrusted to it by Italy and by the EU.

With 102 projects funded, including in the fields of industrial growth and development, with a view to increasing innovation and international competitiveness of enterprise; education, training and social integration; promotion and protection of natural and cultural resources for the prevention of technological and natural hazards; promotion, improvement and development of transport, information and communication services.

The success of the programme is largely due to the abilities of Abruzzo Regional Council’s in-house talents, in particular Paola Di Salvatore and the complex Managing Authority structure she selected and trained. These skills make Abruzzo a strategic player in completing the ambitious European enlargement project in the Adriatic-Ionian area, and a reliable partner for the management of complex international programmes.

I extend my heartfelt best wishes to the funding beneficiaries in the eight states: it is they who will be expected to pursue, firmly and energetically, the building of a larger, more united, stronger Europe.

Luciano D’Alfonso


IPA ADRIATIC CBC Programme 2007 – 2013

Paola Di Salvatore
The Managing Authority of the Adriatic IPA CBC Programme

Luciano D’Alfonso
President of Abruzzo Regional Council

National IPA Coordinators

Si comunica che l’Avviso pubblicato in data 30.01.2018 e relativo all’individuazione di N. 1 Communication Officer è revocato a seguito della Nota dell’Autorità di Gestione Prot.59820/18 del 1 marzo 2018 e ai sensi dell’Art. 12 – Clausola di salvaguardia dello stesso.

Pubblichiamo l’Avviso per la selezione N.1 COMMUNICATION OFFICER nell’ambito del Programma IPA ADRIATIC CBC 2007-2013. Le domande devono essere obbligatoriamente inviate, pena l’inammissibilità della candidatura, esclusivamente per posta certificata, entro e non oltre il termine di 10 giorni dal giorno successivo alla pubblicazione dell’Avviso sul...

In data 29 gennaio 2018, presso gli Uffici dell’AdG del Programma IPA Adriatic siti in L’Aquila, Via Salaria Antica Est n. 27, si è riunita la Commissione costituita ai sensi dell’art. 3 della Convenzione sottoscritta tra l’Autorità di Gestione del Programma IPA Adriatic e Abruzzo...