AdriaWealth: Final event for Capitalization and Dissemination of the Results. November 18 in L’Aquila


It is scheduled for Friday, November 18 in L’Aquila, starting at 16:30 at the Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music A. Casella, Adriawealth: final event of capitalization and dissemination of results, the closing event of the international project dedicated to Sustainable Tourism Department of Tourism, Economics of Culture and Development of the Territory of the Region of Puglia and the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, approved by the Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013. Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, lead partner of the project AdriaWealth, decided to organize the event in L’Aquila and bring guests from 5 countries as a sign of closeness and as an opportunity to revive for the populations of central Italy hit by the tragic earthquake. The final program of the event includes the participation of representatives of theManaging Authority and all the international partners involved in the project.

At 16:30 there will be the start of the work with greetings from Paola Di Salvatore, Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013 and Sante Levante, Director at Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and following the presentation of the capitalisations of the five projects carried out by the project partners : AdriaCold, RoofofRock, MedPaths, Archeo.S., ArtVision with the screening of the video of AW previous projects and interventions by Lino Manosperta – Project Manager AdriaWealth, Ursa Solc – Geo ZS, Marcello Sheath – Area Science Park, Piacentino Ciccarese – Puglia Region and Srecko Radnic – Rera SD.

At 17.45 is scheduled the presentation of the results obtained from Adriawealth project with the screening of the video dedicated to the events and the international conventions that were held during the project, and interventions of the representatives of the other partners Agron Xoxa – Municipality of Fier and Andrija Radic – HERAG .

At 18.15, presentation of the projects Smartinno, Pacinno, Slid, and DrinkAdria, case histories of the most representative projects financed by the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013 on which the work of the Bank of results of the projects was carried out. At 18.30 is scheduled the presentation of the web portal, the Bank of result on the portal, and the work done by the Editorial board of the project.

At 19:00, conclusions by Paola Di Salvatore, Managing Authority of the IPA Adriatic CBC 2007-2013 Programme. At 20.30 is scheduled the concert “Suggestioni: evocando Maria” from “Maria de Buenos Aires”, a journey in music and poetry by Astor Piazzolla, by the Foundation Primo Riccitelli with Cecilia Herrera – voice, Massimiliano Pitocco – Bandeon and Nicola De Francesco – Piano. Concert open to the public with free admission according to places available, booking is advised by emailing:

AdriaWealth is a project that takes stock of the  results and progress made in previous projects funded by the Programme IPA Adriatic 2007-2013 in order to favour the achievement of the EUSAIR action plan in terms of sustainable tourism. The project is meant to have a significant impact on the diversification of the tourist offer in the Adriatic Ionian region building on the previous success stories in the area in question. To pursue this aim the projects focuses on the transfer of know-how as well as on streamlining best practice sharing. It also involves both policymakers and stakeholders  for them to lobby and put in place sustainable tourism policies. The project also envisages networking and clusterization activities by means of cross-innovation and social-innovation methods.  It also features an International Convention and a project web portal containing an important database of the results already obtained by the projects of the Programme IPA Adriatic available to all those willing to take stock of them.  AdriaWealth was approved by the Managing Authority of the Programme IPA Adriatic CBC 2007-2013, under last Call for projects meant to capitalize on projects carried out within the framework of EUSAIR, the European Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion. The objective of the project, -clearly designed and strongly supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture Economics and Territorial Enhancement of Regione Puglia and teatro Pubblico Pugliese-, is to set up a series of networks of public-private partners in a view to translating into practice the results already obtained in the field of sustainable tourism. AdriaWealth puts together the lead partners of five previous projects funded by the IPA Adriatic Programme: Regione Puglia/ Project ArTVision (Italy), Consorzio Teatro Pubblico Pugliese/Project Archeo.S  (Italy), AREA Science Park of Trieste/Ptoject Adriacold (Italy), RERA SD of Split/Project MedPaths (Croatia), Geological Survey Institute of Nova Gorica/Project RoofOfRock (Slovenia), Municipality of Fier/Archeo.S partner (Albania), HERAG/RoofOfRock partner (Bosnia Herzegovina).