‘’ALTERENERGY represents a shared management model for the energy development policies in the Adriatic area – says Michele Emiliano, Governor of the Puglia Region– The investments made and the concrete results achieved so far, place Puglia at the center of a dense network of flagship companies, at the very forefront of the renewable energy sector’’. ‘’Projects such as ALTERENERGY, strengthen in particular the role of Puglia within the scope of the activities of the new Cross-border Programme IPA II Italy-Albania-Montenegro and the cooperation scenario in the Adriatic area, for the period 2014-20’’ – Governor Emiliano continues to explain, who also intervened at the International Workshop ‘’The ALTERENERGY Project for local communities’’, organized by the Coordination of the International Policies – Territorial Cooperation Unit of Puglia Region (lead partner), within the 80^ Fiera del Levante exhibition in Bari.

Guest speaker at the speakers’ table was Klajda Gjosha, the Albanian Minister for Integration, who expresses her enthusiasm about this experience and the optimism about the future ideas on replicability, capitalization and sustainability of the actions undertaken. ‘’The application of the ALTERENERGY model in Albania – the minister explained – was focused on the energy efficiency of a municipal building and 9 public schools in the regions of Lezha and Lushnje, for a total of 10 actions concerning insulation works and the upgrading of heating and lighting systems. A tangible result in the field of energy saving and renewable energy, but also an experience that strengthens the institutional relations in the Adriatic area and paves the way to new cooperation and integration projects’’.

‘’ALTERENERGY  represents a testbed for an integrated development of the territories in a geographic area where to promote common assets and commit ourselves to the building of the Adriatic Ionian Macroregion – Bernardo Notarangelo, Coordinator of the International Policies of Puglia Region, pointed out – It is a cooperation initiative that has tested a real model of intervention for the sustainable management of energy sources’’.

‘’Considering the complexity of the strategic actions undertaken, ALTERENERGY should be considered a mini programme rather than just a project – was the comment by Nadan Petrovic, Coordinator of the Joint Technical Secretariat for the CBC Programme IPA Adriatic 2007-2013 – The budget is considerable, the duration significant and the partnership involved quite broad: the international project experience is a challenge passed with flying colors, which was successfuly completed along with 76 projects out of 87, financed by the EU in the period 2007-13’’.

‘’The experiment was carried out on 63 target communities under 10.000 inhabitants – Claudio Polignano, ALTERENERGY Responsible – Territorial Cooperation Unit of Puglia Region, explained – they are small communities, called upon to program, plan and manage their own future from the point of view of energy sustainability’’. ‘’These are small territories with specific features – continues Vito Albino, Special Commissioner of ARTI Puglia, who provided his technical-scientific support to the project – in which the concept of green economy has gained consensus and has established exchange of good practices’’.

‘’Energy efficiency plays a key role in European policies – concluded Giuseppe Rubino, Manager of Territorial Cooperation Unit of Puglia Region – and in this sense ALTERENERGY was crucial in  confering a key role to the energy efficiency interventions by using renewable energy resources as an instrument to optimise energy efficiency projects. The project has left tangible examples of  well-established partnerships, wide-ranging initiatives and large-scale strategies’’.

The internationalization approach of SMEs, energy and environmental sustainability for territorial development and innovation, experiments in the communities selected across the Adriatic area: these are the main themes of the workshop organized at the Fiera del Levante exhibition in Bari. Furthermore, during an interactive round table chaired by Carlo Gadaleta Caldarola, in-depth panel discussions focused on good practices, pilot interventions and capitalization proposals based on the interventions of the protagonists of the ALTERENERGY pilot actions, project partner testimonies on energy planning and the point of view of the 5 communities involved: Sant’Agata di Puglia, Čajniče (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Pivka (Slovenia), Buzet e Novigrad (Istria – Croatia).




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