The Adriatic+ Coast Day is an event part of the dissemination and communication activities of the ADRIATIC + Project – Sharing Marine and Coastal cross management experiences in the Adriatic Basin, funded by the Adriatic IPA CBC 2007-2013 Cooperation Programme.

The Adriatic+ Coast Day will be held in Pescara next 16th of July and will focus on sea, biodiversity of the marine environment and sustainable development of coastal areas, with the aim of providing an occasion to highlight the crucial role that the Adriatic sea plays in the everyday life of coastal communities and citizens and for sustainable growth.

The Adriatic+ Coast Day is strictly linked to the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) whose aim is to promote sustainable economic and social prosperity of the Region through growth and jobs creation, by improving its attractiveness, competitiveness and connectivity, while preserving the environment and ensuring a healthy and balanced marine and coastal ecosystems.

During the morning, several events linked to the protection and valorization of marine and maritime resources will take place at the Adriatic+ Village (Arena del Mare) where all citizens may take part, such as guided tours (Kentish plover protected area, Museum of the Sea), a sailing A+ exhibition and other raising awareness activities open to the public. All the events will be organized with the collaboration of local NGOs working for the sustainable coastal and environmental development.

During the afternoon thematic workshops will be held at AURUM – Sala Tosti, with the participation of international speakers. The participation to workshops is open to the scientific community as well as to citizens and policy makers. Thematic workshops will focus on the following two EUSAIR Actions:

  1. “Threat to coastal and marine biodiversity” (PILLAR 3, Topic 1 The marine environment);
  2. “Governance of the maritime space” (PILLAR 1, Topic 3 Maritime and marine governance and services).

At the end of the day, there will be a public discussion on the protection of marine biodiversity that will culminate with the show by the artist Fiorella Mannoia, singer chosen because she has always shown in her songs a strong propensity for environment, contributing to spread a culture of respect for our planet.