29/03/2011 – TOURISM, 'SEA-R' PROJECT

‘Sea-R’ is one of the projects that have been granted financing in the first call for standard IPA Adriatic projects. For the first time announced in the catalogue on tourism presented by the IPA Adriatic Programme at the 31th International Tourism Expo in Milan, the project wants to promote awareness of investments based on sustainable energy and competitive models (in terms of energy saving and renewable energy) in the Adriatic regions. ‘Sea-R’ has selected three main sources of sustainable energy for the Adriatic: sun, sea and knowledge. Sun and sea characterise the region and could be used more effectively; knowledge is a strategic ‘fuel’ for spreading the use of these sources, since it gives operators and users with ‘Best Available Technologies’ options to invest. In that prospect ‘Sea-R’ is made of three sub-projects regarding the three identified energy sources, all with specific targets. The use of solar energy (thermal and photovoltaic) is limited, with differences between the areas. In Italy, large-scale application is already a reality and attempts are being made to integrate this in urban planning. Slovenia has an adequate potential but the use of thermal solar energy is limited, and photovoltaic applications are still in an experimental stage. In Albania, only some applications in the thermal solar energy sector have been recorded. ‘Sea-R’ wants to create instruments to map buildings with characteristics that allow the use of solar energy. The project will start with energy-saving measures to create instruments and pilot applications in photovoltaics. Focusing on energy from the sea, the problem of algae (in the coastal areas of important tourist destinations in the Western Balkans and Italy) could be turned into an opportunity for producing biogas. The goal of this project is to analyse the feasibility of an economic use of this waste material, in an environmental prospect. The possibilities of producing biogas from algae will be tested in a pilot plant which will be built in Ferrara. After that, an industrial business plan will be drafted. The third pillar, knowledge, will focus on involving companies and convince these to adopt sustainable energy models. More in general, people will be informed about conserving energy and renewable sources. Information centres will be set up that will give advice and show practical demonstrations of energy-saving measures. This goal will be further developed through the Energy Road Show that will tour the Adriatic region.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA