The "Powered" project is among the list of programmes to be financed as part of the first pitch for IPA Adriatic standard programmes. The project was made public for the first time in the tourism catalogue presented by IPA Adriatic at the 31st International Tourism Exchange in Milan and is aimed at defining a host of shared strategies and methods for geared towards the development of off-shore wind energy throughout the Adriatic. This choice of energy could allow a rapid increase in facilities, not least on account of a drop in problems linked to landscape, which are often the main obstacle to the creation of wind parks in areas with high population density or those with significant historical or landscape value. Problems connected to the transport of large-scale wind turbines are also expected to diminish. Industrial ports could play a decisive role in the development process, becoming clearing centres and producing technological components. The main aim of the "Powered" programme is to draw up guidelines for the design of off-shore wind farms in the Adriatic Sea that are compatible with the planning and conservation policies shared by partners in the project. At the same time, maritime basins for the development of this energy technology will also be identified, meaning that it will also be possible to define the characteristics of an electrical network project with underground connections that would be hugely helpful for the exchange of electrical energy between countries. The project’s goals will be reached thanks to the study of wind resources in the Adriatic basin, which will be confirmed with the installation of a network of coastal and marine weather stations. At the project’s end, the network will remain in function and support the weather services.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA