The AHVN project is among those granted financing as part of the first public call for IPA Adriatic standard projects. For the first time made public through the catalogue on tourism presented by the IPA Adriatic Programme in the 31st edition of the International Tourism Expo in Milan, the project aims to foster growth in sustainable tourism in the Adriatic region through medical and healthcare tourism. All the region between Slovenia and Montenegro is able to offer European standards of healthcare assistance, combining this with a rich historical-cultural heritage and comfortable lodgings. Medical tourism in the Adriatic will include conventional healthcare centres, thermal baths, pensions and even alternative healthcare services, with open air and cultural activities as well as those linked with gastronomy. Specific services of medical tourism have already undergone assessment in some Adriatic regions (for example, dental tourism in Bosnia Herzegovina and general check-ups in Slovenia). However, while the quality and prices of medical-healthcare services are competitive, it is necessary – according to the project – to create a network and integrate supply in an attractive manner, focusing on a tourist experience of high quality for health and vitality.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA