The "MedPaths" project has been included for financing as part of the first pitch for IPA Adriatic standard projects. Announced for the first time in the tourism catalogue presented by the IPA Adriatic Programme at the 31st edition of the Milan international tourism fair, the project aims to contribute to the protection and the revitalisation of local heritage – both cultural and natural – along the coast and in the Adriatic hinterland. The project will be of particular interest to Italy, with a number of towns in the Molise and Abruzzo regions involved, and Croatia, where several towns in the Split-Dalmatia area will feature. As a result, although only focused on the effective involvement of three Adriatic regions, the project aims to provide healthy practices in sustainable tourism and cultural development throughout the Adriatic area. In the meantime, the initiative has been inspired by three regions with a history of common cooperation, now and especial ly in the past (the Molise region, for example, has an important Croatian minority) and there is a clear aim to promote jointly the main cultural and natural areas of the coast and the immediate hinterland. The rich cultural and natural heritage existing in inland areas often consists of sites that are spread out over some distance, poorly managed and without appropriate protection. There is a risk, therefore that these areas could be further destroyed and depopulated due to a lack of information, know-how and management coordination. To reduce this risk, environmental qualification intervention is needed, along with cooperation measures for conservation. These steps have the overall aim of contributing to the protection and the revitalization of cultural and natural heritage, making the most of protected areas and guaranteeing the sustainability, both political and institutional, of the solutions identified. The areas in question find themselves having to tackle the same pr oblems and share the need for a single development strategy which, promoters believe, will serve as an example of healthy practice in other Adriatic areas, thanks to the development and the creation standards of quality for the management and tourism development of local assets.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA