10/03/2011 – TOURISM: IPA, 'KEY Q' PROJECT

The ‘Key Q’ project is one of the proposals that has been accepted to receive financing under the first call for proposals for IPA Adriatic standard projects. Laid out for the first time in the tourism catalogue presented by the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme at the 31st edition of the International Tourism Exchange (BIT) in Milan, the project intends to promote integrated and sustainable development in the Adriatic area, benefiting from a tourism standpoint from typical products and food and agricultural resources in connection with the area’s environmental and cultural heritage (culinary culture and use of typical products). The project also intends to capitalise on human capital (expertise and occupation) and to educate people about an intelligent consumption of quality food and agricultural products. ‘Key Q’ strives to support exchanges of experiences, expertise and professionalism, such as the mobility of workers and students, in order to develop an integrated tourism strategy among the territories based on quality food and agricultural products and the restaurant sector. The project includes the formation of an international team of experts in training who specialise in capitalising on typical local products and creating common methods of training to strengthen human capital in the food and agricultural sector and to optimise the area’s typical products. Five training sectors will have different target groups: teachers-trainers, students, the general population and individuals in the sector, such as professional cooks, entrepreneurs, restaurant managers and people involved in the farm tourism sector.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA