The ‘Adristorical Lands’ project is one of the initiatives that have been approved for financing in the framework of the first call for standard IPA Adriatic projects. For the first time made public through the tourism catalogue that was presented by the IPA Adriatic Programme at the 31st International Tourism Expo in Milan, the project promotes the use of cultural values and of the potential of tourism by creating local identities. These identities focus on the promotion and management of tourism based on the appeal of historic villages, walled cities, castles and cultural sites that are found on these territories. ‘Adristorical Lands’ supports the conservation of these areas as well as the use of historical and cultural elements that are crucial for the promotion of sustainable tourism as essential factor in the development of urban zones, with the surrounding rural areas. The programme’s main goal is to strengthen the bond of common origin between the Adriatic cities through local cooperation, aiming to create and implement a joint across-the-border strategy that underlines local history and heritage, cultural tourism and other key factors for the economic revival of the historic centres.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA