The "Shape" project features in the list of plans admitted for financing as part of the first pitch for IPA Adriatic. The project was made public for the first time through the tourism catalogue presented by the IPA Adriatic programme during the 31st edition of the international tourism exchange in Milan, and aims to promote the reinforcement of institutional capacities in the preservation and management of the area’s natural resources, the prevention of potential environmental risks and the support of a more rational use of the Adriatic’s resources, partly in an attempt to resolve conflicts caused by various methods of exploiting the basin. The project concentrates on the integrated management of coastal areas and maritime space planning and, over a period of 3 years, will involve 13 partners from 6 countries from the IPA Adriatic cooperation area (Italy, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro). The aim is to develop a global vision of the Adriatic basin and to undertake unequivocal development action from all sides. Through its activities, the project plans to promote and successfully implement the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Protocol, which is the current governance instrument for marine and coastal areas, and wants to develop plans for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), which is considered a fundamental aspect of the European Union’s Integrated Maritime Policy. The project aims to ensure concrete coordination between institutions and the authorities in charge of the management of the coasts and sea by rebuilding existing government tools. As a result, better integration of intervention can be targeted, as well as more effective cooperation and the strengthening of relations between stakeholders and institutions. This is turn would lead to an improvement in the participation of the public system in the project, through open workshops and a plan of effective communication.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA