This morning saw the inauguration of the display corner dedicated to the Community Programme of Cooperation IPA CBC Adriatic inside the International tourism market (Borsa internazionale del Turismo, Bit), a world event that opened today in Milan. This is Ipa’s second appearance in the Milan fair following the one last year. The objective is to illustrate in a wider scenario the opportunities to develop tourism in the Adriatic area in order to promote the local realities. The initiative is part of the Programme’s communication plan and includes representatives of the States and Regions involved in Ipa. The programme schedule states that tomorrow February 18 at 10.30am there will be a workshop called "Ipa Adriatic: ecotourism to protect and promote the sea". The event moderator will be Rai journalist Attilio Romita, chief editor of Tg1, one of the most loved faces in public TV news reports. The event will be attended, among others, Ipa’s management authority, Giovanna Andreola, director of the International activities sector of the Abruzzo Region, and Bernardo Notarangelo, in charge of communications for the Ipa Programme, Sanda Simic, head of the Programme for Serbia and Maja Radisic Zuvanic for Croatia, and also Martna Gamboz for Slovenia. The workshop will be denoted by the presence of major tour operators, buyers especially, who will be introduced to the local attractions and tour routes of the Adriatic identified through projects financed in the context of the first Ipa tender that assigned 25 million to the sector: 50 Cral were also invited, and there will also be Assotravel representatives. The Community Programme of Cooperation IPA CBC Adriatic involves 8 States: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Greece; and seven Regions: Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Apulia and Molise. It has a budget amounting to approximately 280 million euros and plans to harmonise the Adriatic cross-border in the name of economic, institutional, touristic, environmental and infrastructural cooperation. According to estimated 150,000 people will visit the Bit event, 100,000 of which work in the sector.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA