Croatia is getting closer to EU membership, which could become a reality by the end of 2012 if the negotiations are concluded by June this year. This is only true of ”the country continues on the right track of reforms”, as demanded in a resolution that was passed by the Foreign Affairs Commission. EU membership had already come a step closer after the 11th intergovernmental conference in which the EU and Zagreb managed to close another eight negotiation chapters, including three that are considered to be crucial ones regarding justice, freedom and security; the environment; foreign policy, defence and security. The challenges that still have to be faced for EU accession are the reform of the public administration, the fight against corruption, support for the return of refugees and the adoption of reorganisation and privatisation plans for the country’s shipyards. Croatia will also have to organise a referendum for EU membership.   Meanwhile the country is trying to recover from the economic crisis and does so by focusing on tourism. In fact 5 tourism projects (of the 30 government projects) should contribute in this perspective, with a planned cost of 13.8 billion euros: they are called ‘New deal’ and include hotel projects. The Croatian tourism board (HTZ) foresees that around 30 million euros will be spent in 2011 on advertising and communication. (YB1 – Paolo Magrone)
Source: Vecchio sito IPA