BELGRADE – Serbian Infrastructure Minister Milutin Mrkonjic said that the first train of the joint railway enterprise of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia is likely to start operating from October 1. Mrkonjic told Tanjug news agency that in the next few days it will be known how much each country will invest in the joint railway enterprise which could increase Serbia’s foreign exchange inflow by about EUR50 million already by the end of 2011. The minister pointed out that after the company is established there will no more be crowds at the borders, because the goods will be passing the police, customs and sanitary controls in all the three countries faster. According to him, the company will be financed by its own revenues. The Declaration on the establishment of a joint railway company was signed by Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia in late July, on which occasion it was announced that the simpler border procedures should facilitate faster goods and passenger transportation on Corridor 10. On the same occasion, Mrkonjic pointed out that the current traffic flow on the railway Corridor 10, from Ljubljana via Zagreb, Belgrade and Istanbul to Dimitrovgrad, is about 700 trains, while on the much longer Corridor 4, through Hungary, the traffic flow is 7,000. The freight train line from Ljubljana to Istanbul takes about 60 hours today, and the travel time is planned to be reduced to 40 hours.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA