BARI – A multi-regional event dedicated to possible innovation and that already in place is the menu for the second edition of the Innovation Festival, which is to be held in Barìs Fiera del Levante from December 1-3. The show, which has a slogan of ‘New ideas for big businesses’, was presented today at the Bari Fair by the President of the Apulia region, Nichi Vendola. There are to be four thematic macro-areas within which the festival will take place: Innovention (which includes themes dedicated to mechatronics, aeronautics, IT and new materials), Land (featuring biotechnologies, life sciences, farming industry, energy and environment), Imagination (on innovation linked to creative industry, tourism, cultural assets, training, communication and public administration) and Innovabilia (focussing on innovations towards quality of life, following on from the theme of the ‘Festival of innovations for the differently abled’, which was held in Foggia in December 2009). The Innovation Festival aims to create opportunities for introductions and contacts between research and businesses, to facilitate dialogue between science and society and create a shop window-laboratory for young people and students. The event will feature a continuous stream of displays, exhibitions and meetings. These will take place across a range of exhibition areas, workshops, conferences, international seminars, demonstrations and spectacular events that all strive towards innovation. The initiatives include the ‘Puglia Innovation Jam’, which is for students and young people under the age of 29 and aims to stimulate and group together ideas for innovative products and services) and the Investment Forum (in which new spin-off business plans and new Puglia-based innovative businesses will be presented to potential investors). The Festival will also play host to the third edition of Public Camp, the national meeting of public communicators, which is being put on by the Apulia region, with a scientific programme dedicated entirely to the issue of ‘Islands in networks’. Two exhibitions are scheduled, the first on office activity for technological transfer (ILOs) by universities and public research bodies, while the second focusses on patents and the results of research by businesses. More details about the 2010 Festival can be found at www.festivalinnovazione.puglia.it , where the innovation community can also be joined. The Festival is partnered by the Apulia region, the five regional universities, CNR and ENEA is being held in collaboration with Fiera del Levante. The event is part of activities in the ‘Creating businesses and spreading technology from research – ILO2’ programme, which is financed by the FESR Operational Programme 2007-2013.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA