MILAN – In 2009, Italy exported to Croatia for a value of 2.2 billion euros, of which only 512 million came from Lombardy, while imports reached 1.4 billion. With the aim of further developing trade between the two countries, the Institute of Foreign Trade today signed a bilateral agreement in Milan with Croinvest, the Croatian agency that promotes trade and investments. The deal was signed during the Italian-Croatian Economic Forum, which took place at Milan’s Chamber of Commerce and which saw the meeting of 110 Italian companies and 30 Croatian SMEs. ”Italy is the Croatia’s leading commercial and economic partner and there are dozens of success stories among Italian companies that have brought investments and excellence to Croatia. The message we want to send to our SMEs is that they should consider south-eastern Europe as a natural area of influence,” said Umberto Vattani, the chairman of the Italian Trade Commission. ”Consolidating relations between Italy and Croatia is fundamental for a solid economic and social tightening,” said Pier Andrea Chevallard, secretary general of Milan’s Chamber of Commerce and director of Promos, the chamber company for internationalisation.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA