POREĆ – A meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee of the CBC IPA Adriatic Programme 2007-2013 was held in Poreć, Croatia, last 27 and 28 July. The Vice Minister of Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Karlo Gjurasić, opened the working session, along with the President of the Istrian Region, Mr. Ivan Jakovčić. Both of them highlighted the need to adopt a strategy of the Adriatic Sea, which, as is being done for the Baltic Sea, would catalyze the Community resources and encourage an agreed and synergic development of the involved territories. Among the important results of the two-day meeting there is the approval of the Memorandum of Understanding among the Partner Countries, which unblocks the funds of the European Community, ensures the Partner Countries’ co-funding quotas and gives the green light to the finalization of the list of the funded standard projects, which has to be approved by the JMC at the end of the quality assessing phase in October 2010. A second success was the approval, on first reading, of the Strategic Project ALTERENERGY, focused on the exploitation of an Adriatic Community based on the principles of low carbon economy, production of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Project, leaded by Puglia Region and co-promoted by the Republic of Albania, involves all partner Countries of the IPA Adriatic Programme: Slovenia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, and all Italian regions of the Adriatic coast: Friuli Venetia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Molise and Abruzzi, this last being the Managing Authority of the Programme. ALTERENERGY, which will definitely be admitted for funding, along with the standard projects, during next meeting of the JMC, paves the way for the strategic projects’ planning, the actual novelty of the 2007-2013 EU Territorial Cooperation.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA