BELGRADE – New free trade agreements are in sight for Serbia’s agricultural sector. The country’s Chamber of Commerce is in fact close to making a deal with Albania and Moldavia, and the liberalisation process with Croatia is expected to be completed in two separate stages.
In the first stage preferential customs duties will be lowered by 50% and the volume of tradable goods will be increased by 100%. In the second stage, in 2011, customs duties will be eliminated all together and the volume of goods will be raised by another 100%, except for tobacco and sugar. Serbia has already reached liberalisation agreements for the trade in agricultural products with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and the ad interim government of Kosovo. With Albania, Moldavia and Croatia the country has signed deals on several levels of liberalisation.
According to Serbia’s Economy Ministry, the biggest obstacle to the free circulation of goods is formed by the long and complex border procedures. These obstacles include problems of technical, veterinary and medical nature, the fact that certificates are often not recognised and the lack of institutions responsible for issuing these certificates within a short matter of time.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA