The region of Abruzzo has earned a prestigious recognition. The Manager for the Region’s International Activities Service, Giovanna Andreola, the manager of the cross-border EU cooperation programme IPA Adriatic, has received one of the three special prizes awarded by the associations ‘Mareamico’, CENIS and Salpare, the last of which is responsible for the ‘Alghero Woman’ prize.
Awards are given to figures from the female world who have distinguished themselves with their commitment to the
protection, defense and promotion of the sea. The awards ceremony took place in Alghero, with the other two prizes given to Maria Gloria Giani, chair of the Wista International association, and Anna Mario Geli, a Rector of the Spanish university of Girona.
The reasons behind the choice of Ms. Andreola as winner are linked to the work finalized on the EU programme ‘IPA Adriatic’, which is designed to strengthen Adriatic relations and geared towards commitment to supporting protection and promotion initiatives concerning the Adriatic sea. For the three traditional categories of narrative, poetry and journalism, prizes were awarded to Lia Levi, Gabriella Sica and the SKY TG24 journalist, Paola Saluzzi respectively.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA