ROME, The main goals of the programme "Pilot projects for integrated rural development and the revitalising of land in Bosnia and Herzegovina" are to boost the production capacity of small Bosnian farm associations and to promote environmental protection and rural tourism. The Italian Foreign Ministry has funded the programme that will be closed tomorrow morning, in Srebrenica, in a ceremony in which technical equipment and seedlings will be donated to some local associations.
During the ceremony, a statement issued by the Italian embassy to Sarajevo reads, six associations from the municipality of Bratunac (Propolis, Kesten, Maja-Kravica, Jadar, RSSBratunac, Podrinski Behar) and four associations of the municipality of Srebrenica (Osat, Skelanka, Srebrenica99, Mozaik) will receive technical equipment for apiculture, tillage and the production of jams and marmalade, as well as some seedlings (apple, pear and plum trees).
All this, the statement continues, "in order to improve the quantity and quality of the production capacity of the members of these associations, which include vulnerable groups like women, young people and people returning from the Balkan conflict". The mayor , Osman Suljic; the town mayor of Brutunac, Nedeljko Mladenovic; the chairman of the Italian Cooperation, Silvano Tabbo’ and the project coordinator, Stefania Fantuz, will participate in the ceremony in the town hall of Srebrenica. The value of the Italian gifts totals around 100,000 euros.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA