"It’s great news to be able to think of an overall tourist package for the Countries on the two shores of the Adriatic. This is why Ipa’s presence at Bit can be considered as a pilot and research program" said the president of Abruzzo’s regional council Gianni Chiodi, while visiting the stand dedicated to the common program "CBC IPA Adriatico", set up at the Bit (International Tourism Exchange) hosted at the Fiera di Milano from the 18 th to the 21 st of February.
"Tourism is fundamental because Ipa involves eight Countries and seven Regions facing the Adriatic all of them with a very important tourist component in their respective economies" he went on to say.
Chiodi is the leader of the Ipa Adriatico program that includes Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Erzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Greece, as well as the regions of Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Puglia and Molise. There are 280 million euro to finance projects that should harmonise the Adriatic area in the name of economic, institutional, cultural, tourist, environmental and infrastructural cooperation.
Chiodi truly believes in Ipa: "This program has innovative features that will make the EU take notice and watch for results. This method might become a system, Abruzzo has a heavy responsibility since it is the one handling the project. We must show that we are able not only to be worthy of this role with the EU, but also to ensure that the European programming method becomes valid for the territories to which it is to be applied. I think the Abruzzo Region is doing a great job in the matter of the planning and the international and community relations led by dottoressa Andreola and her staff".
The president hopes this initiative may be the harbinger of development in the various territories. "I hope that once Ipa is over financing won’t have been only a distribution of money but the occasion to give room to projects that can help in the development of the relevant areas". In this respect, Chiodi thinks Abruzzo can certainly play a significant role: We the Abruzzo Region truly believe in this, and the change in pace of tourism is something that can be seen now. However, it is the strategy that is changing as well as the assessor’s role, Di Dalmazio, on a national level, since he is now recognised as knowledgeable, dynamic and innovative rather than for his political strength and therefore for the representation of political alliance that may be present in the conference of Regions. This may be important also in the context of Ipa" he concluded.
Amongst other things, Countries and Regions have decided to participate to Bit in order to show the entire tourist potential of the Adriatic area, including the possibility of bidding for projects within the initiative.
Source: Vecchio sito IPA